Cowichan Intertidal Stewardship Project

Cowichan Intertidal Stewardship Project

intertidal_starfishIn 1997/1998 the Cowichan Intertidal Stewardship Project was directed towards owners of ocean waterfront property.  This project was carried out in partnership with Dr. Bill Austin and the Marine Ecology Station.  Project outcomes include: the protection of shoreline lands through voluntary stewardship pledges by 26 landowners (each steward is provided with information packages in answer to their individual concerns regarding land use management and shoreline ecology); the participation of over 80 community members (all ages) in three interactive intertidal workshops; and the development of a 50 page handbook.

Because waterfront property is an attractive place to live, many of our activities concentrate along the shoreline. The beach is a place to relax, to harvest wild foods, and to appreciate spiritual and aesthetic values.  It is also a place where a delicate band of wildlife depends on a unique habitat for survival. This habitat–called the intertidal zone–can be very sensitive to activities that occur on adjacent lands. Taking care to protect this fragile place on the edge of our properties is a form of stewardship.

The handbook is written for private landowners living on marine waterfront who want to preserve and maintain a healthy seashore. It is an introduction to marine wildlife in the protected waters of the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada, and a look at some of the positive things we can do to protect the shore.

Read more about Caring for Our Shores, including sample chapters, here.

Photo Sunflower:Sea Star” courtesy Kerry L. Werry