CWAP Summer 2019 Update

Clean Water Action Project – Summer 2019 Since the community meeting on February 28th, together with the Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society (SMWS) and the generous support of our funders, we have made great headway on the Clean Water Action Project (CWAP). This summer we have completed 22 property visits around Quamichan Lake; completed 8 property visits around Somenos Lake; sent 30 riparian recommendation reports to the participating homeowners; hosted a LakeKeepers Workshop with BCLSS at Quamichan Lake with 17 attendees; and planned & created restoration plans for the fall for 12 selected properties. The goals of the property visits that we conducted this summer were assess the riparian zone (the 30m interface between land and freshwater, learn more on the resources page on our website about how the riparian area protects and filters the lake); evaluate any actions on the property which may be affecting the riparian area; provide guidance for the homeowner concerning stewardship and restoration of their riparian area in the form of a recommendation report; and select up to 25 properties around the lakes for restoration work provided by the CCLT and the SMWS. What’s next? Shown are some of the invasives we’ll be removing this fall. From left: yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus), creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia), Himalayan blackberry (Rubus armeniacus), reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea) This fall, we will begin the actual restoration work at the selected properties. The work will include removal of invasive species such as yellow flag iris and reed canary grass, native species planting and livestaking, and bank stabilization. Sign up here to get your name on the volunteers list: After the bulk of the restoration work is completed this fall, we will continue regularly monitoring and maintaining the sites in the months following. The Clean Water Action Project is a three year undertaking, and we’ve only just gotten started!

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