Sansum Point Saved for Future Generations!!

dsc_3568Sansum Point Saved for Future Generations!!

DUNCAN, B.C. – The acquisition for Sansum Point closed today and the 128-acre property will now become parkland for current and future generations.

As of early September, the property will be owned by the Cowichan Valley Regional District and be turned into parkland for all to enjoy. In the meantime, TLC and the Cowichan Land Trust will carry on with fundraising to fulfill their financial contribution of $495,000. This three-way partnership
is an important step for building future parkland acquisitions in the Valley.

“The CVRD is exceptionally pleased to have developed a working partnership with TLC and the Cowichan Land Trust to acquire Samsun Point. We look forward to continuing to work with these groups and with others to ensure that parkland and open spaces are available in the Valley. When residents in the CVRD voted to implement the Regional Parkland Acquisition Fund during the last election, they said parkland was an important priority. Sansum Point is a wonderful community asset and over time will become even more of a treasure,” says Gerry Giles, CVRD Chair.

Over the past five months, the two land trusts along with the Cowichan Valley community have done an amazing job of fundraising to protect the coastal bluff and vulnerable Coastal Douglas fir ecosystem located on the Stoney Hill Peninsula, valued at nearly $2 million.

“Support to date has been overwhelming and we are extremely grateful for each gift. With a little more time, I’m confident we will reach our goal. There are still lots of stones to turn over when it comes to fundraising for Sansum and we are committed to seeing it through,” says Bill Turner, TLC’s Executive Director.

Recent fundraisers by Wilderness Kayaking and Godfrey-Brownell Vineyards brought in another $5,000 for the campaign and, with the support of the Duncan-Cowichan Chamber of Commerce, businesses like Godfrey-Brownell have agreed to take Sansum Point under its wing for the next year by hosting various fundraising events to keep the cause top of mind in the community.

“We have created an action-oriented partnership that will ensure the protection of important areas for our grandchildren to enjoy,” says Roger Hart of the Cowichan Land Trust. “This is a gift from our generation to the next, just as we are able to enjoy unique places like Stanley Park, which
could otherwise have become prime real estate.”

For individuals wishing to donate to Sansum Point, please call 1-877-485-2422 or visit

Businesses interested in hosting fundraisers for Sansum, please email:

saltspring-panTLC and the Cowichan Land Trust still need to fulfill their agreement to raise $495,000 toward the Sansum acquistion. We need your help!

There are a number of ways to donate:

1) Click the link to the Canada Helps website. Here, you can select the fund/designation “Sansum Point Land Acquisition” and pay using a credit card or PayPal. You will instantly be issued a tax-receipt for your donation.

2) Stop by our office at #6-55 Station Street in downtown Duncan with cash or cheque and we will gladly write you a tax-receipt. *Please note we cannot process credit cards.

3) Send a cheque by mail to: Cowichan Land Trust, #6-55 Station Street, Duncan BC V9L 1M2. Be sure to indicate the donation is for “Sansum Point”. We will then send you a tax-receipt in the mail for your donation.

By donating through the Cowichan Land Trust, your donation will be held in a separate account for this acquisition. If the Sansum acquisition does not go through, your donation will remain “in-trust” for future land acquisitions with the Land Trust.

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