Junior Stewards

Junior Stewards – Get out those green thumbs!


You’ll need:

  • mason jar (or a jar from the recycling)
  • little pebbles, and small rocks
  • dirt
  • small plant (a succulent is a great example)

Let’s get started!

  1. Layer the rocks in the bottom of your jar and add an inch of dirt over top.
  2. Add the little pebbles, and then two more inches of dirt.
  3. Plant the succulent in the dirt and add some moss if you’d like.
  4. Get creative with the decorations for your terrarium. Try throwing in some painted pebbles for a pop of colour or glue some jewels to the outside of the jar. Print out a mini picture of you, glue it to a popsicle stick and stick it the jar for a tiny fairy version of yourself!
Succulent care tip: Don’t over-water succulents, wait for the soil to completely dry before watering again. This could take a couple weeks!


Once this plant grows up, it produces beautiful flowers that are edible and have a strong peppery taste. Even if you don’t love to eat them, they’ll still look beautiful in a pot or in the garden.

You’ll need:

  • nasturtium seeds
  • a small pot or a spot in the garden
  • dirt


  1. Ask your parents to buy some nasturtium seeds.
  2. Fill a pot with dirt.
  3. Plant each nasturtium seed an inch deep and 10 inches apart.
  4. Set your pot by a window and water regularly, but still allow the soil to mostly dry between each watering.
  5. Label your little plant by writing “nasturtium” on a popsicle stick. If you want to get fancy, you can add the scientific name as well: Tropaeolum majus.
  6. You should see some green growth in around 10 days! Keep caring for your nasturtium and eventually it’ll bloom with beautiful (and edible) flowers.

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