Best Water Ways:

Watershed literacy, stewardship, and restoration place-based learning initiative

Welcome to the Best Water Ways Web Page!

Here you can access the Best Water Ways learning resources: a suite of six learning sessions designed for the grade 9-12 level to engage experiential place-based learning in your watershed!

You will also find a whole lot of other links to valuable resources and organizations below in the Additional Resources section.

Best Water Ways ~ The Big Idea

Organizations like the Cowichan Community Land Trust have been involved with school and community learning for many years. For example, many local conservation groups organize Streamkeepers activities and provide resources for storm drain marking (think ‘yellow fish’ symbol). School groups often join in on planting or streamside clean-up days.

The Cowichan Community Land Trust was delivering a riparian restoration project recently that spontaneously involved a local grade nine group doing some planting. It was during this project that a beam of light came through the forest and illuminated the need for the Best Water Ways learning resources. Would it not be of great benefit to enrich these types of community stewardship and restoration activities with a deeper, place-based learning experience for students and educators? After-all, where and how our local waters flow is about as place-based as it gets.

It is also vitally important that youth learn about their local watersheds, and how to protect, steward, and restore them.

Indigenous Knowledge

The integration of local Indigenous knowledge in today’s classrooms is invaluable because it broadly supports a holistic learning experience for students. In the context of local ecological sustainability, we have a great deal to learn about how to coexist better with nature, a theme which is central to Indigenous teachings.

Our approach in Best Water Ways is to explore elements of local Indigenous knowledge throughout each session of the learning project, with additional supports located within the additional resources section below.

The Best Water Ways Learning Suite

The Best Water Ways Watershed Literacy, Stewardship, and Restoration place-based learning resources are a suite of six Educator Guides with activity plans, and a Learner’s Guide for each session. These resources can be used in a multitude of ways to facilitate learning about your local watershed, and how it can be protected and restored.

They can but do not have to be used in a linear way, as they are designed to be adaptable to your needs and context.

The Sessions

Educator’s Guides (Include session Activity Plans):

Learner’s Guides



Regional Resources

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The Best Water Ways initiative would not have been possible without the support of our funders. We deeply express our thanks to: