Mapping Workshops

Cowichan Green Map

What is a Mapping Workshop?

Community mapping is as much about the process of people getting together as it is about getting a map created.

The goal of a community mapping workshop is to bring people together to talk about and record their connections to their home community. In the workshop people are asked what they value about where they live.

Starting from a blank piece of paper or a large map of the area, people join around a table to share values from their experience of the land and environment which are important to them, ranging from food security, historical and cultural uses, to urban green spaces.

A community green map becomes the collective expression of a community’s experiences, knowledge, and vision about their shared home, showing the connections between where we live, the food we grow and eat, the things we do, and the ecology we live in.

It is the hope of the Cowichan Land Trust that communities will be encouraged and inspired from this mapping project to organize to create their own community green maps, that can express much more local information than a regional scale green map.



bcThe Mapping Project is funded in part by the Canada-B.C. Labour Market Development Agreement. Also funding has been provided through the Cowichan Land Trust Society.