Stewardship Support Project

Stewardship Support Project

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Many landholders contacted by the Cowichan Land Trust through previous stewardship related projects have expressed a strong need for consistent programs and networking opportunities for them to continue to steward their land. Consistent support and assistance for land stewards is essential for landholders to maximize their protection efforts. Previous studies demonstrate how landholder contact programs are very effective in increasing landholders’ commitment to stewardship and ultimately to environmental awareness and protection.

This project has two main goals:

  • Land Stewards are supported by project staff by identifying ecologically sensitive sites on privately owned lands in the study region as well as current, imminent and potential environmental issues or threats. Land stewards are provided with site-specific recommendations to mitigate any issues, and informed about conservation tools that increase protection of natural systems.
  • Land Stewards and communities are more connected through nature conservancy workshops, individualized support, stewardship programs, a steward network and a consistent communications plan and can access assistance to protect natural habitats.

These goals will be met through the following activities:

  • Land Stewards are contacted and informed about the project and what resources it offers.
  • Specific issues of concern to the land stewards are identified.
  • Development of local steward network is facilitated, supported and consistent.
  • Site specific management plans for critical areas are written and used by landholders.
  • Landholders and communities are involved in conservation and environmental protection of critical areas.
  • New landholders commit to voluntary stewardship agreements.
  • Conservation covenants with landholders are negotiated.


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