Friends of Cowichan Creeks

The Friends of Cowichan Creeks project began in November 2010. We have been working

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Great Big Bee Garden

Great Big Bee Garden This project restored areas of networked native bee …

Quamichan Watershed

Quamichan Watershed The Quamichan Watershed Stewardship Society (Quamichan Stewards) was formed as …

Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre

Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre 1845 Cowichan Bay Road    250 597 2288 …

Cowichan Land Trust Member and Volunteer Joins TLC to “Pony up for the Point”!

Cowichan Land Trust Member and Volunteer Joins TLC to “Pony up for …

Cowichan Eelgrass Stewardship Project

Eelgrass meadows represent one of the habitat types that are threatened by estuarine development.

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Migratory Waterfowl Stewardship Project

Our goal is to inform people about how they can contribute to protecting wildlife habitat in the Cowichan Valley.

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Stewardship Support Project

Many landholders contacted by the Cowichan Land Trust through previous stewardship related projects have…

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Cowichan Green Map

Community mapping is a growing international grassroots movement where mapping starts with….

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Sansum Point Saved for Future Generations!!

Sansum Point Saved for Future Generations!! DUNCAN, B.C. – The acquisition for …

Sansum Point Promotional Materials

Sansum Point Promotional Materials On this page, you will find a number …

Jubilee Community Garden

Jubilee Community Garden The Jubilee Community Garden project began in early 2004 …