Queen Margaret's School students become stewards of Holmes Creek

On Wednesday, December 15, the CLT was joined by 22 enthusiastic grade 8 science students from Queen Margaret's School on Holmes' Creek. The girls braved the cold to come and learn how to measure the pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and temperature of the water. They also collected invertebrates, which can be used to determine water quality. Their efforts were rewarded by the chance to see 3 spawning coho salmon, just upstream from the sampling spots.

The students will be joining us again once a month to continue monitoring the water quality of the creek and collect data. Once they have a record of their data, they will analyze the results, identify problems and come up with a solution. Finally, they will take time next June to carry out the restoration activities. This will likely include land owner contact and riparian planting.

These activities are part of the Friends of Cowichan Creeks project we are currently undertaking at the CLT. For more information on this project, click here.


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