Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre


Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre

Official Opening – April 21st, 1pm-5pm

The Nature Centre will officially open on April 21st – official ribbon cutting at 3pm.  We’ll open up at 1pm so you can have a look around and enjoy some music and nibbles, and, of course, the very best of mother nature! If you are interested in volunteering check out our new Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre program website.

Imagine an interactive and interpretive nature centre that creates opportunities for children and adults to learn about the amazing Cowichan Estuary, its watershed, natural and cultural history, marine life, and human impacts. An energetic group of local citizens have had this vision and the Cowichan Land Trust has agreed to help them. Together we will create a place of learning and recreation for the whole family, for local people and for visitors, next to Hecate Park in Cowichan Bay.

The Cowichan Estuary is an important place where tidal salt water and fresh water from streams, rivers and creeks come together.  It provides a home for fish, birds, and other animals that depend on a healthy estuary for their survival.  The Cowichan Land Trust has a strong connection with the estuary including eelgrass restoration projects and the annual celebration of Low Tide Day.

Our Cowichan Estuary is unique and it is threatened! At the Centre people will learn why our estuary is special, the pressures on it, and how each of us can be part of the solution to make it a healthy place for marine and estuary life.

The Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre will provide a place where interactive hands-on, on-site, in the field, on-the-water, and in the classroom education opportunities will exist for people of all ages.

Please visit:  or for the most up-to-date information on the progress of the project!

If you have any other questions, email:

Make a donation to the Estuary Nature Centre online by clicking here, or downloading the form below and returning it with a cheque to:

The Cowichan Community Land Trust,
6 – 55 Station Street
Duncan, BC V9L 1M2

If you would like to make a PLEDGE for $1,000 or more, please contact us directly at (250) 746-0227. Thank you!

Cowichan Estuary Centre General Donation Form

Nature Centre Brochure

Estuary Nature Centre Management Committee

Jane Kilthei, Committee Chair, Cowichan Land Trust
Kai Rietzel, Cowichan Land Trust
Rod Carswell, Cowichan Land Trust Board
Tracy Fleming, Cowichan Tribes
Kerrie Talbot, Chair, Area D Parks Commission
Graham Gidden, CVRD Parks
Norm Olive, CVRD Project Manager

Previous committee members and ongoing supporters who we would like to thank include:

John Scull (Cowichan Land Trust Board) , Cheri Ayers (Cowichan Tribes), Guy Johnston (Fishermen’s Wharf Assoc), Nan Goodship, Carol Hartwig (CVNaturalists), Erin Ward, Shari Willmott, Vanessa Elton, Madeline Southern, and Dwight Milford.